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Concrete, Flesh and Water (2022)

I conducted a 2 day project exploring the urban and natural architecture of Thamesmead on 31st May and 1st June. I was fascinated by the brutalist architecture and how it co-exists with the landscape and organic forms found on the outskirt of Thamesmead.

I decided to walk around Thamesmead Council state and Southmere lake. As part of this, I engaged with young people and invited them to observe their neighbourhood via my portable mirror sculptures.

I also asked them to walk with me and some accompanied me on part of the journey.

My most moving encounter was when I was exploring the basketball court, known as "the cage". One of the young people decided to be my guide and helped me document the graffittis and told me about the history of the court.

This project concluded by installing a solo exhibition followed by facilitating a workshop for young residents of the travelling community based in Thamesmead. 

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