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Fragments of a Migrant (2022)

Between February 2022 to April 2022 I conducted 6 workshops for Year 2 students at Grange School, London. This project was in partnership with Drawing Room Gallery and Freelands Foundation.

These workshops created a playful environment for children to explore the artistic and scientific applications of light, shadow and mirrors.

As part of the outcome of this project, the children and I collaborated to create a permanent sculpture in the School's playground.

Children painted a collaborative  story on the back of mirror fragments. They also experimented with assembling and configuring the mirror fragments to create a portable mirror sculpture. I put the mirror fragments together in my studio and created a permanent interactive mirror sculpture for Grange Primary School.
For more information please visit my workshop (LINK).

This project was supported by The Drawing Room Gallery and Freelands Foundation.

The Making

Vid of making X 2

The Installation

Unveiling the sculpture

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