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Dirty Writing: Writing as creative practice (2023)


since October 2022 I have been teaching as an associate lecturer at Camberwell College of Arts.

In June 2023 I delivered a lecture at Camberwell College of Arts on the principles of Dirty Writing for 2nd year BFA Drawing students. This lecture explored academic writing as a creative practice.

By discussing the intersection between contemporary art and principles of Thermodynamics, I explored the process of producing writing runs in parallel to the rhythm of artmaking. Hence, writing as an inherently creative process, can be understood as a self-organising system governed by cycles of entropic fluctuations. I refer to this mode of writing in my research as Dirty Writing.

This lecture was accompanied by a group workshop exploring the politics of Dirty Writing. In doing so, participants experimented with various methods of materialising and projecting their writing. 

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