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Party Ballons (2016)

I performed Party Balloons (2016) on 6 Nov 2016 during UKYA National Art Festival in Derby. This live action is based on revisiting the narrative of the first iteration of Party Balloons (2015).

Nevertheless, I incorporated new materials such as two flat mirrors and my bought mannequin; Matilda. This work further examines the relationship with the performer and the spectator and the dynamics of their gaze.
In this performance, I tape a flat mirror to my back prior to the live action. Then I wear Matilda’s torso as a backpack and tape its head to my own. I then enter the site of the performance and sit in front of a mirror with my back to the spectators. The quasi process of bomb-making and the metamorphosis of my body takes place in an intimate space between the two mirrors. They enable the spectators to witness the performance with their own but indirect gaze.
Party Balloons (2016) was documented from small action cameras that were strapped to my hands and Matilda’s torso.

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