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Concrete, Flesh and Water (2022), Community project

I conducted a 2 day project exploring the urban and natural architecture of Thamesmead on 31st May and 1st June 2022. I was fascinated by the brutalist architecture and how it co-exists with the landscape and organic forms found on the outskirt of Thamesmead. Please click here to find out more.

As part of this project I lead a performance and photography workshop at Thamesmead Lakeside Art Centre for 14-17 year olds based in Abbey Wood. The premise of this workshop was to explore the materiality of mirror and light. I constructed six portable mirror sculptures and created a safe environment for participants to explore performance art in spontaneous and playful way. Through individual and collaborative tasks, participants were encouraged to explore walking with the portable mirrors as a performative action. They took photographs of how their neighbourhood became visually displaced and alien in the presence of mirror sculptures. They also explored how posing with mirror sculptures and hiding behind them in front of a camera could create various degrees of power relations.

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