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Moment of Encounter (2019-2020)

moment of encounter_ S ALEAHMAD_small.jpg

During the National Lockdown I revisted a performance I did at a Persish Church in 2019.

In this performance I sat on the floor of an empty church and performed singing on a Friday afternoon with the approval of the pastor.

Although it was preapproved by the church, I still felt quite overwhelmed by the architecture and its affect on me.

After my singing was finished, the pastor approached me and initated a conversation about my singing, art and religon. 

The conversation was lovely.

It ended with paster offering her hand to me as a sign of good faith.

Th politics of shaking hand became an important topic for me during the lockdown. People had begun to invent their own way of greeting each other and shaking hands. I became very curious what exactly was exchanced at the moment of shaking hands with the pastor. Was it germs, was it divine, was it evil, was it sweat, or simply was it mutual respect shared in the moment of shaking hands.

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