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My workshops establish and maintain safe and welcoming environment for the participants to practice being part of a community, provide constructive feedback to each other, and make long lasting friendships with their peers. I have experience desigining and delivering workshop to partciapnts of different age (6 to 18+) and from all walks of life
I facilitate games in my workshop. They are designed to nurture spontaneity and thinking through making. In my workshops participants approach artmaking as an accessible and effective form of self-expression within the framework of a community’s collective identity. These workshops reduce participants’ social anxieties and nurture their creativity.

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Dr Sadegh Aleahmad is a London based Iranian-born artist who examines the construction of his diasporic identity through performance, sculpture, poetry, moving image and photography. His work de-territorialises various Islamic disciplines, detaching them from their personal, religious and socio-political connotations, and fuses them with the aesthetics and ethics of Western contemporary artmaking.


Sadegh’s current research explores the connotations and applications of mirrors and visual displacement through the lens of Islamic discipline and Western culture. His practice focuses on solo work and community collaborations.


Sadegh’s methodologies of research postulates Jihad as Ready-made. This unique fusion is an assemblage of process-based, transgressive, playful and interactional methods of resistance that disrupts established relationships between the signifiers and signified.
Jihad as Readymade examines the cross-over between the domains of artmaking and everyday life activities.

Please click here to access Sadegh’s CV.

Please click here to access Sadegh’s Doctoral thesis




Instagram: @sadegh.alef

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